Once in the morning we heard a crackling sound which made my husband and me to astonished altogether.We ran to drawing room and found glass pieces everywhere and realized that the painting i had prepared for decoration fall from wall and broke.It made us realize that how unsafe we are if anyone or any guest would have sat beneath it and a scientific explanation of incident compelled me to share this blog with you.INCIDENT TOOK PLACE BECAUSE OF SHEAR FAILURE OF NAIL.In due coarse of time ,the nail got rusted and due to point load its thickness starts decreasing which eventually became incapable of taking painting load .-


So,following are the quick maintenance tasks for us if we decorate our walls with paintings.

  • Two nails should be used for hanging.if one fails other resist it with support.
  • Thickness of nail is matter of concern according to painting.
  • As matter of concern clean you paintings and wall hangings timely and also check nail condition as part of maintenance it will give you everlasting wall painting and no unsafe instances.


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