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Environmental Cleaning of Computers

Here are some tips or we can say precautions which will help us to keep our computer safe and secure:-` 


  • Vacuuming and dusting of computer desk and its surrounding area as needed. The frequency at which we should clean depends on the elements of the  computer is exposed. Always keep it in a clean Area to keep it dust free.
  • Do not use glass cleaner to clean monitors.Use a soft clean cloth moistened with water to wipe the screen clean.
  • If WE want to give the mouse a quick cleaning, place it on a clean white sheet of paper and move the mouse back and forth. Some of the dust and particles should rub off onto the paper.
  • Don’t restrict airflow around your computer and keep it cool.Avoid keeping papers, books, and other items around your computer.
  • Don’t download software from just any website.Make sure that the website is trusted.
  • Components we need to consider in an antivirus program:-a)ANTIVIRUS b) ANTI-SPYWARE c) FIREWALL
  • Its better to have 3G connection and use that instead of accessing and trusting public WiFi.
  • Use a safe web browser so that computer will remain safe from viruses.
  • To protect our computer from electric urges we should always run our computer on a UPS.
  • Be careful while plugging in USB,Ethernet,Speakers,Printers etc because ports such as USB,Ethernet can easily be damaged .
  • If we do download something and find it useless then we should delete it from our computer.Uninstall programs we no longer use,delete music we no longer listen to.
  • We can keep backup of our files to online backup services like Mozy,Carbonite or Box and our files will always be accessible.
  • Availability of minor funds for hardware repair for this we need to maintain our budget as well…………………………………
  •      If you smoke near your computer, cigarette ashes and chemicals can build up inside your computer’s fans and other places. Ridding your computer of these things every 6 months can increase your computer’s performance.
  •         Do not open your computer while it is running or with any cables attached to it. It is always safer to remove all peripherals such as USB cables, audio cables, video cables, and especially the power cable and then clean.

In general, we feel that computer is one time cost item but truth lies with the fact that it also need maintenance. The annual budget for computer maintenance should be around 5% COST OF ITS ACTUAL COST. For e.g. – if our computer worth Rs 50000 then we need to spend Rs 2500 approximate per year, which should include the cost of activities like purchase of antivirus (Rs 800), installation or repair of software (Rs. 400) and installation or hardware repair (Rs. 1200).


Electronics Repair Services Revolutionized

Modern man’s life is very dynamic and keeps on changing from time to time with new inventions. Remember the time, when people used to complete all their work by sunset and went to sleep by 8’o clock. It was because the people did not had access to electricity or any other alternate power source other than fireflies and without alternate power source, they did not had any other option than to retire. Early to bed early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise was possible only before Elizabeth Era when electricity was first discovered.  Electricity came up as a very crucial invention in this field, changing people’s life forever .  People now had life even after sunset and with the new inventions in this field, it took up a very pivotal place in our life.


Nowadays, we even don’t know the value of electricity, because we have been using it since childhood. With its increased usage in houses and office, it has become an inseparable part of our life. Lights, refrigerators, televisions all have touched our lives by aiding in our day to day needs. From getting up on time for office to entertaining our self on our journey, all these use electricity for it. Now electricity has become such a integral part of our life that we cannot imagine our life without electricity even for a minute.

  • ECE
  • In this situation, if one day your electric wires get shot circuited, then imagine your situation. You are calling your professional who comes to your home regularly but does not possess nice behaviour. He never comes on time and comes after so many requests (E-GHAR always provide timely and quality service). Once he comes, he finds out that one socket has burst down and it will get replaced and says his fees will be Rs.1000. You feel that it is too excessive but you don’t have any other option to pay him and get it right as you fear from other  professionals whom you don’t know due to regular crime cases you read in newspaper. (E-GHAR hires professionals only after verification). After few days, the same circuit again gets burst and you call the electrician. He gives a good look to the circuit and say that it will get changed again and again charges Rs.1000 as his fees, but you still have no other option than paying him due to lack of knowledge and monopoly of these electricians. Electrician enjoyed the benefit of monopoly from you and you did not had any other option than to agree to him.
  •  We come into market with all the trained and professionals who serve you with the smile on face. E-GHAR professionals would completely guide you about the reason of the system being damaged and will completely inform you about the damage.
  • So, when world is getting modernised to new and advanced things, and it’s now time for us to move on from this monopoly to a better service provider who value for the needs of the customers and their smile. It is the policy of the world to look for better, and E-GHAR is best in this field.                                                                   Thank you 




Electricity made refrigerators a dependable appliance that people could rely on for food preservation and storage. Diets evolved when people could purchase and eat fresher foods year-round instead of relying on canned and cured foods in the winter.


  • Refrigerators make it easy to create menus and shop ahead for the ingredients we need for any diet, and the savings don’t stop at the supermarket. Refrigerators preserve foods at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower by preventing the growth of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria for several days or weeks. When we can prepare foods ahead of time, or use leftovers for later meals, we save time and cooking energy costs that add up over the long-term (the way E-GHAR saves your money by providing good services at competitive prices). Today refrigeration technology in commercial food production and at home means that we have easy access to a broad array of foods from around the world. This change has a significant impact on the way we shop for food, and how we manage the food we purchase.
  • With the regular usage of refrigerators, gas evades into the atmosphere decreasing the cooling. People are not able to know the reason of this deduction and call professionals who by taking advantage of the fact that they don’t know anything, charges excessive rates and asks for changing of more costly parts like compressor. People have no other option than paying them the amount they ask for. Unknowingly, innocent people fall into the traps of these untrained and clever professionals who know how to bring out cash from people’s pockets.

That is why E-GHAR is in your service serving you best professionals in refrigeration field. All our professionals pledge to inform you of all the details of the problem caused and reasons for it. We also go for the policy of honesty and long term relation than cheating you for a short profit. We will solve all your problems relating to refrigerator from gas to compressor. E-GHAR takes in professionals only after  verification, because we care about your protection. Our promises:

  1. On time: We will reach to you in as less possible time as possible once you place the order.
  2. 15 days guarantee: However we focus on perfection, but if the same thing cause trouble again in 15 days we will send our profession again for free.
  3. Standardised rates: People think that we will charge extra for our overhead expenses,but it is not true because we earn by fulfilling customer satisfaction.

World is changing so we are. People have changed a lot from direct shopping to online shopping to mobile shopping to save their time and effort. E-GHAR is a reliable and efficient source in that field that is saving your precious time and efforts which you make in dealing to the refrigeration experts by supplying them to you .


So let’s move on to new and revolutionary things which are making our life easier to live and cheaper to be.

Thank you



Computer, Laptops and Smartphones have become an integral part of our life which most of us use almost daily. Maintenance of these computers can be done if we take care in against major four damages, a) environmental, b) network, c) physical, and d) theft:

1. ENVIRONMENTAL CARE:  By cleaning computer regularly, we can keep it working properly and avoid expensive repairs. It helps in problems which can incur due to dust and results in heating. We should clean in atleast in 15 days.

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2. NETWORK PROTECTION: Virus, Adware & Malware are type of software that is designed to affect our computer in various ways. Virus are distributed to cause certain type of problem in computer, Malware multiplies itself into the system and affects it exponentially. Adware results in unwanted display of advertisements in computer browser and other places. Mostly virus, adware & malware are distributed over the Internet and is often bundled with other software. We should install Antivirus with Total Internet Security and prefer to update it on regular basis to keep our system defended against latest attacks.



3 PHYSICAL DAMAGE: Imagine what would happen if our computer suddenly stopped working.It may be possible to repair our computer, but our files may be lost forever. Luckily, we can prevent this by creating backup copies of all of our files (or just the important ones) on an external hard drive or an online backup service.


THEFT OR SPILL: Laptops & Mobiles are more prone towards theft and spilling of liquids. Now a days, lot of insurance companies are offering plan to secure our gadget. We should subscribe for such plans if theft of such gadget will become substantial burden for us.


In general, we feel that computer is one time cost item but truth lies with the fact that it also need maintenance. The annual budget for computer maintenance should be around 5% COST OF ITS ACTUAL COST. For e.g. – if our computer worth Rs 50000 then we need to spend Rs 2500 approximate per year, which should include the cost of activities like purchase of antivirus (Rs 800), installation or repair of software (Rs. 400) and installation or hardware repair (Rs. 1200).


Using Electricity unnecessarily  may leads to massive electricity bills.So,Save electricity as well as money by applying following methods in your daily routine:money save

  • Use natural light instead of artificial light during the day.
  • Use light colour curtains that provides privacy but still allows light to come through.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.CFL
  • Turn off lights when not in
  • Unplug appliances when they are not in use.
  • Replace your decorative lights that complement your garden by solar powered lights that charge during the day and cast a soft pleasant glow at night.
  • Replace your old appliances with energy saving models. Look for ENERGY STAR RATINGS on new appliances.
  • Reduce your dependency on appliances (USE ONLY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED)
  • Prefer using AC less frequency and try to find other ways to cool yourself down when possible. (Visit Natural Cooling in Summers)


You must clean your gadgets atleast twice a week because Gadgets are bound to get a little dirty from here and there. Following steps can be helpful in cleaning gadgets screen:

1. Turn off your devices before cleaning.


2. If possible then purchase screen cleaning kit or you can buy a screeen guard .

3. USE MICROFIBER CLOTH OR COTTON CLOTH:- Keep touch screen cleaning cloth in good,clean condition.

4.USE ALCOHOL GEL (HAND SANITIZER):-Squeeze little gel into the paper towel then wipe down the screen after that use a clean microfiber cloth to remove smudge670px-Clean-a-Touch-Screen-Step-9s.

Note: Touch screns are not as delicate as LCD’s screen so you can press touch screens a bit harder if you have a particular spot.