Home Inspection Industry is emerging in India. Various companies have been established in recent times across various areas of India. These companies help buyers in making an informed decision. Various Inspection companies help in:

  • Understanding the condition of Home
  • Developing a Pre Purchase/Possession Requirements
  • Building a Handover Checklist
  • Technically Checking Leakage Locations, Drilling Locations and Probable Short Circuits
  • Measuring the Carpet Area of Property

Home Inspection is a part of Property Management in India in which Managers take care of property and informally conduct inspection for major level of repair. The impression of home is a combined reflection of Major and Minor problem areas in home. Major level of Problems can be visually identified by layman but identification of minor issues required different eyes i.e. Engineers perspective. It is the specialization of Quality Supervisors which should be cross verified scientifically before recommendations to the property owners. This industry is growing and expected to become a good place for accomodating more specialized players of construction industry.

Third Party Property Rating

Buying home is an important decision which considers various factors. Every property buyers looks towards reliable property rating that consider all aspects as an integrated approach while analysing. Such third party unbiased rating is important not only for Home Buyers […]