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Home Inspection Industry is emerging in India. Various companies have been established in recent times across various areas of India. These companies help buyers in making an informed decision. Various Inspection companies help in:

  • Understanding the condition of Home
  • Developing a Pre Purchase/Possession Requirements
  • Building a Handover Checklist
  • Technically Checking Leakage Locations, Drilling Locations and Probable Short Circuits
  • Measuring the Carpet Area of Property

Home Inspection is a part of Property Management in India in which Managers take care of property and informally conduct inspection for major level of repair. The impression of home is a combined reflection of Major and Minor problem areas in home. Major level of Problems can be visually identified by layman but identification of minor issues required different eyes i.e. Engineers perspective. It is the specialization of Quality Supervisors which should be cross verified scientifically before recommendations to the property owners. This industry is growing and expected to become a good place for accomodating more specialized players of construction industry.

Ceiling is falling in newly delivered homes in Delhi-NCR

False Ceiling is Falling for new Flats in Delhi NCR

Builders of India are facing lot of challenges on delivery of newly constructed flats. The major problem lies with time and quality of flat delivery. On one side Home Buyers are struggling for possession of their long purchased flat and on other side handed over flats are of abysmal quality. We have chosen false ceiling like item to analyse the problem and it is flooded with witnessing news about poor construction quality at the time of possession


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Workmanship and quality of material used in the construction is major reason but another reason is compromise on quality because of high quantum of flats to be constructed & delivered by builder.


In typical construction when contractor has completed the work, quality supervisors of builders visit the flat before handover and prepare a snaglist/punchlist/checklist of problem areas. This snaglist is handed over to the contractor for rectification and builder takes handover from contractor once snaglist is completely addressed.


Most Builders don’t prioritize the final check before handing over flats by Quality Supervisors. Such act has various short term benefits to them

  • it saves work of quality supervisor at their end and fasten things of possession
  • customer is actually not quality expert so he identifies lesser snags which need to be addressed
  • it saves from double work of quality addressing which they have to do with home buyer again.



The concept of group housing is new to India and process is streamlining every year.

  • Development of RERA is such example which currently focuses on timely delivery of flats in transparent manner. In other countries, there is additional concept of Home Inspector at time of delivery which prepare report regarding builder-buyer commitment. India is on the way.
  • For Quality Assurance standard process of construction should be followed during construction and at time of handover. If builder is not developing snaglist for your flat, ask Quality Expert in your network/family or Professional Home Inspection to do final check before taking handover.


Once you have snaglist you can ask builder to address all issues as builder typically gives warranty for initial period after handover. You can also address if there are any key issues at the time of handover. Having home inspected before possession saves you from hundered of later problem and reduce the risk of any later failure.

Leakage and Moisture – most common problem of group housing

“We have asked many residents which the most troubling problem, regarding construction, you face in your house. They commonly answered – Moisture aka Leakage”

Seepage is common problem of home which we have technically solved

Problem are beyond visible Moisture/Leakages

The available references are strong enough that leakage not only affects the quality of home but relation between neighbours, security of overall structure, RWA-residents bonds, and expose to many unseen risks. Few of the reference are mentioned below:

In case someone is buying a resale flat, he should thoroughly check the flat with inspection. Special attention should be paid for moisture detection and its source for proper rectification. Though these problems can be catered after moving-in but it creates lot of problem once you start living in terms of visual appeal of flat and in terms of damage to the structure.


Design of Plumbing Cold Water & Waste Pipelines

Plumbing lines are of two types a) Cold & Hot Water Pipeline and b) Waste Water Pipeline. Leakage generally occurs from the joint of two pipes of any pipeline. In very rare cases, it is also puncture of straight pipeline. Cold & Hot Water Pipelines, generally hidden inside wall, are fitted by chiselling groove in walls. Waste Water Pipeline are passed through floors. In latest construction waste water pipeline remain exposed in below-level floor which is further decorated with false ceiling for beautification. Effects of moisture are clearly visible on structure with visual inspection but identification of source is real challenge.

Current Practice for Identification of Source

General solution of moisture is recommended by Plumber. The chances of identification of Source depend upon combination of a) experience of plumber and b) your luck. In case you are not lucky plumber keeps on doing test & trial and renovate the floor and wall tiles for identification of moisture. Actually, it is kind of total renovation of bathroom if someone tries to rectify the source of moisture.


Home Inspection – Solution to problem of Dampness, Moisture and Leakages

Home Inspectors are subject matters of house, they are kind of pathology lab for your home. The most important factor is to choose right inspector and the knowledge they possess regarding inspection.


e-Ghar, a leader of Home Inspection Industry in India, deals with such problem as case of dampness. We identify the source in four stages: a) Visual Identification, b) Machine level verification, c) In-Situ Pressure Testing, d) In-Situ Temperature Variant Tests.


People generally consider foamy paint layers as symbol of moisture and leakages but it may also because of Chlorination. Chlorination is a whitish layer which appears above paint and looks similar to the effects of moisture. Our Machine level verification indicates us the problem which we study at detailed level to identify the exact location of leakage/moisture.

100% Solution to Moisture Leakages

It shall be wrong to state it because in few cases exact source is not identified even by Home Inspector. But a satisfactory level of clarity is obtained in logical & scientific manner which helps in saving cost on un-necessary activities. In short Home Inspection for Moisture is investment for saving cost of repair and developing clarity and without identifying the problem treatment is always dangerous and costly. And if you are buying a resale flat, don’t judge it with your eye, in this advance world let machine do the work which human eyes cannot do.

Purchasing Resale Flat – How to know quality issues?

Inspect Home Before Buying and Negotiate on Price

Buying home in a developed area ensure safety and accessibility to transport, public facilities, and various infrastructure. Financially, Home is an appreciating asset whose value increases with time but is it true technically?


Answer is ‘No’. The quality of flat reduces with time. A typical flat/house is made up of various components like flooring, steel, concrete, paints, wooden work, plumbing, fire fighting, electrical, fittings, curtains etc. With time material used for construction starts deteriorating and problem starts incurring in flat. General solution to such problem is total refurbishment. But what if your budget doesn’t allow it or buying a resale flat is exposing you to much more risks.


Indian Resale Buying Industry

Most of resale deals are done through local brokers and known third person. While buying a resale home, we rely on the opinion and mediation of broker while knowing that brokers fee will increase with the higher value of deals. So broker focus on two outcomes while discussing with you

  1. they want to successfully close the deal by hiding bad home condition from buyers,
  2. they want to sell at as higher price as possible to resale buyers for good brokerage.

No home is perfect but problems are not shown to you before buying because of above two obvious reasons. Buying a home is not a arrange marriage where you can only know the flat only once you start living in. There are advance technologies available which you must adapt before closure of such high value deal i.e. Home Inspection.


Issues for Resale Buyers

There are lot of issues and confusions comes when you are closing a deal of Home which includes:

  1. Believing the Carpet Area/Floor Area as stated by the Broker
  2. Source of Dampness and Moisture in Walls
  3. Identification of Quality related problems in Home
  4. Unknown Plumbing & Electrical lines expose to risk of damages due to drilling
  5. Unknown RCC Columns location which makes nail drilling as damage exercise to wall finish
  6. Condition of Electrical Lines and Quality of Cables
  7. Procurement List of Fittings for new home


Home Inspection is Obvious and Must Have Services for Resale Buyer

If you need to know about bad things of Home you are buying then broker is not right man, use services of Home Inspector. They give unbiased advices to you with their latest equipment with less than 0.50% of Cost of your flat. Once you are known to all the issues you have two prime direct benefits:

  1. Transparent Information helps you in getting better negotiated deal much more savings than 0.50%. You have carpet areas and list of problems to discuss with seller.
  2. You know your home prior to living and can address all major issues before moving-in.


Home inspection is actually the third party which you are looking for advising on technical aspect of resale property. It is useful not only for home buyer but for any resale buyers of property. If you are closing a deal without home inspection, you are surely losing some bucks. In case you have closed the deal, know your home prior to moving with cheaper inspection options which helps you with problem identification only.

Problems identified in our Homes with Inspection

Home Inspection is like Diagnose Laboratory of Homes

Our concept of Home Inspection was formulated for identifying technical problems in a typical home from buyer’s perspective. Refer to the previously written article if you are interested about our foundation story.

Since then the concept of Home Inspection has advanced to latest technologies and solving much more problems of Home Buyers of New/Resale Property. Even we have audited various industrial projects for Fire Fighting, Electrical and Building Health.


Typical Problems

You shall be surprised to know that there are almost 100+ problems in a freshly constructed home which ranges from Minor Issues (like flaky paints) to Major Issues (broken fittings). Different component of Home Inspection solves different problem and fulfil requirement of resale and new property buyers

Construction Quality related Problems with Photographs

In typical construction process handover takes place when quality inspector prepares a snaglist/checklist/punchlist of issues and contractor addresses. In India, Builder skips this final step and leaves this stage at intelligence of customer for their various benefits. Home Inspector assists home buyers in preparation of final checklist which they can handover to the builder for addressing.

Exact Carpet Area Measure of Property

Actual Measurements are collected for the property and engineering techniques are applied for calculation of Actual Carpet Area of Property in Square Meter or Square Feet. The level of detail we engage takes care of width of walls in calculation of areas.

Moisture and Leakages Technical Detection

Dampness is one of the most common problems for Home Buyers but actual problem is identification of source of Dampness. With Pressurized Mechanism and Temperature variant study, transparency is developed for cause of dampness in home.

Probable Short Circuits

Electrical wires and fittings are major source of fire hazard. It is primarily due to heat generated at loose connections. Thermal Equipments helps in such visual study of heat generated junction which can be tightened up.

Fittings Procurement

One of the rarest pains for Home Buyer is to count fittings with their dimensions. Home Inspection of e-Ghar takes care of such issue only to share our intent. We intend to take care of all level of pains of Home Buyers.

General Safety and Security

Our team visits lot of houses and capable of suggesting common safety and security measures like lamination of glasses, grills on balcony, steel/ms door at main gates and many others as per the actual condition of property.

Contractual Verification of Deliverables

We verify the specifications of building components against the contractual liability of builder and submit it as part of our report


Communication of Problems in Home Inspection

In era of Smart generation home inspection services are improving using smart techniques for report capturing and generation. E-Ghar has also automated SMS and emails for updating you with progress of inspection and receipts. Access to photographs, invoices and online report is also given for better monitoring.


Home Inspection Industry is evolving towards environment where you have any time accessible list of problems which you submit to builders for rectification before move-in or during time of warranty period offered by builder. In some cases, where builder are not supportive critical issues are selected and addressed prior to moving in. Home inspector prepare checklist of individual component (flooring, painting, fitting, plumbing, door/windows, fixtures, wooden works etc) of home. When you move to new home, nothing can give you peace of mind than knowing your home better.

Third Party Property Rating

Buying home is an important decision which considers various factors. Every property buyers looks towards reliable property rating that consider all aspects as an integrated approach while analysing. Such third party unbiased rating is important not only for Home Buyers but for brokers too. It becomes even more important for online buyers who promise quality content regarding property to home seekers.

We have conceptualized and successfully executed the integrated approach of rating projects on various parameters as mentioned below.

Rating System

Property is evaluated in different categories which are aggregated at overall level for giving broader level picture. There are two components of rating:

  1. Star Rating: out of 5 for each category indicates how well it performs in related category
  2. Confidence Level: Typically construction is time long journey so all our ratings comes with confidence with which we rate the projects in category

Standard checklist is developed for each category to measure the star rating and confidence level to make rating system independent of subjective observation.

Rating Category

We feel home buyers are interested in assessing project on following parameters:

Quality of Construction

Quality score is determined by inspection of your property on 50+ parameters over 10 different Category. This score let you know type and condition of different products & services installed in your property.

Amenities of Projects

Amenities score is determined by facilities provided by builder Inside the society in 6 category

Performance of Builder

Builder score is determined by past Projects of Builder, Brand Value in Market,Previous commitments and delay analysis.

Infrastructure in Locality

Infrastructure rating is determined by availability of School, Hospital, Mall, District Center, Colleges, Police Chowki & other important facility as per Km from society.

Available Commuting

Commuting score is determined by distance from Public Transport distance and quality of Infrastructure for Commute


If you are looking to purchase any property or recommending any property to your relatives/customers and seeking third party rating, feel free to connect with team e-Ghar for opinion

Home Inspection in India is helpful for Buyers

Possession of purchased property in India is a ‘dream come true’ event. Buyers have great hope from builders, in terms of delivery and quality of their dream home, at the time of possession. The responsibility of quality possession is jointly shared by Builder and Buyer. The lack of technical assistance to customers results in one sided story. Thus concept of knowing all about your home is known as Home Inspection. In this article we will share: (1) Scenario of United States, (2) Indian Expectation, & (3) Developed standards of Home Inspection in India

Scenario of United States Home Inspection

The concept of Home Inspection is well developed in United States. Almost 6 Million of Homes (85%) are inspected at time of purchase. Home Inspection Industry provides employment to 25000 Inspectors  in more than 4000 Companies. Various Certification Courses are also available for training of Inspectors.

Indian Expectations and Requirements from Home Inspection

a) Technical Assistance to Buyers

Indian Builders construct flats in bulk quantity with available expertise.  They work with building complexities which includes, plumbing, carpentry, electrician works, false ceiling, PVC works, elevators, fire sprinklers, fire alarm, etc. Quality Assurance is a challenge for builder under these complexities and available expertise. As possession is joint responsibility of builder and buyer, thus buyer should also be equipped with technical expertise before taking handover.

b) Identifying Problems which are not visible from Naked Eyes

Hazardous problem of home includes moisture, short circuits, and finals finishes. The biggest challenge is to identify the exact location & cause of problem which has serious impact on its rectification expenditure. Expensive scientific tools and techniques are available to identify such problem but they become redundant after one time use. Home Inspection company should provide service with such tools like Thermal Imaging and Behind Wall Detectors.

c) Best Estimate of Carpet Area

Many properties are purchased with intent of investment and an approximate carpet area is shared when it comes to selling the property. Home Inspection company can equip property buyers with laser equipment which captures the layout of home. The technological generated carpet area can be shared with new property buyers with drawings.

d) Capturing the Condition of Handover

Builders take responsibility of manufacturing defects during the defect liability period. After moving-in customer has no evident if identified defect is manufacturing or damage done during usage. Defects at the time of handover are captures in following form by Home Inspection Company:

Problematic Tower Bolt during Home Inspection
Problematic Tower Bolt
Unfinished Skirting identified during Inspection in India
Unfinished Skirting with no putty
Painted Lamps, Damaged on back side while inspecting home
Painted Lamps, Damaged on back side
Sink and Water Problem during Home Inspection
Sink and Water
Jammed Window of Balcony during Inspection
Jammed Window








e) Qualified Home Inspectors

Various certification courses are available as per US standards and Indian Standards of Inspections are under development. Under these conditions, customers should expect a qualified home inspector or an organization which is expert in industrial construction.

f) Checklist of Repairs

There are no standard reporting system of home inspectors but following are the focuses while doing inspection:

  1. Preparation of Checklist of Repairs which should be rectified by the time of moving-in
  2. Identification of Various Hazards like leakages, electrical failure and energy efficiency.
  3. Cross Verification of contractual commitments like carpet area of flat and material quality.
  4. Property Rating for comparing various property from the point of construction quality and material used.

Developed Standards of Home Inspection in India

Wood is major components of building in United States while reinforcement and concrete are major elements of construction in India. Adapting US standards will solve half of the problems of Home Inspection Industry.

“We are developing inspection standards based on Indian Housing Industry and will fuse them with US Home Inspection best practices” – Antriksh Tawar, co-founder, e-Ghar Home Inspection

Home Inspection standards of India should aim of identifying problem in a way that it solves those problem. We all know that Inspection is better than curing damages.

Pre Possession Inspection by Team e-Ghar

Home Inspect – Flat Pre Possession Inspection

Construction Industry of India is witnessing a change with Make In India Initiative. Our Organization has extended the construction industry expertise to dwelling unit with its initiative named e-Ghar. We have introduced Home Inspection service in India and started our operations from Delhi/NCR. We are fusing Civil Engineering with Information Technology for our customers and complimenting them with Construction Expertise. In this blog, we have tried to share our step-by-step processes of Pre Possession Inspection.

Pre-Possession Inspection in India

We are proud to share that we have innovated Home Inspection services in India and later on realized its presence in abroad countries. Upon Market Research we have realized the presence of various companies which are offering similar services though we are not sure if the level of details matches the micro level details we provide to customers:

There are also online resources available which helps customers in doing inspection themselves:

But we highly recommend you to go for professional pre possession inspection service before taking handover if your builder has offered possession. Inspection Services hardly costs you in range of 0.1% of your property value but gives you eyes of Construction Quality Expertise. Eventually you can negotiate with builder for rectification or compensation.


Booking Pre Possession Inspection

It all starts with booking of Inspection service which can be done via our mobile website or tele-calling at +91-9289224365. If you book either of the way, our Customer Representative calls you up and we highly recommend you to ask for free sample report of pre possession inspection.

Booking Platform for Flat Inspection

At fixed time our Quality Experts reaches your flat/property and starts observing it over 75+ parameters including plumbing, electrical, fixtures, wooden work, waterproofing, flooring, ceiling works, cleaning, many more.

Quality Experts Visit to Your Flat

Our quality experts visit site premise and spend almost half day in identifying the parameters which should be taken care before taking handover by customer.

Quality Experts pre inspecting ready to move property

It is made sure that on-site Quality Experts cover all components of flats including rooms, halls, kitchen and bathroom of flat. Pre Possession Inspection matrix is used by Quality Experts which is composed of electrical, plumbing, waterproofing etc. parameters against components of flats. Detailed Process helps in covering almost all parameters which are required to be taken care before flat handover by customer. Alongwith written comments photographs of defect are also captured which helps customer in easy rectification.

Painting Inspection by Team e-Ghar

Photographic Report Generation

Site Quality Experts provides inputs to the e-Ghar content development team who decrypt the Pre Possession Inspection Matrix inputs in following formats:

  • Online Site Photographs for Quality Improvement
  • Letter to the Handing Over Person for Rectification
  • Personalized Report with Photographs for Customers

Sample Home Inspec Pre Possession Inspection Report


Share your Experience

It is always good to hear good words about your work and specially in those cases where you are bringing positive changes by becoming a part of Make in India. Once you have receive the report and experienced the fusion of Civil Engineering with Information Technology, you can share it with us.

Customer Feedback for Pre Possession InspectionExperience of one of Customer of Pre Possession Inspection

Currently we are serving in Delhi/NCR and ready for becoming a part of qualitative possession to customers through builders.


Our Commitment

We are committed to serve dwelling units with expertise of civil engineering and make sure that you get possession in best of way and at best of price. We currently offer various ranges of inspection services  which covers various level of details.


Feel Free to Speak to us at +91-9289224365 before taking an inspection.

Flat Possession Checklist – a new trend for handover

Along with Antriksh, I joined Gomo at his office at Punjabi Bagh for a brainstorming session to bring value to customers of e-Ghar. The discussion started by stating the real life problems of household customers where we discussed about my brother Ankdeep Bhardwaj who took a flat in Sec-78, Mahagun Moderne. He stays in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and doesn’t know what things to be seen in his flat before taking handover. Antriksh has always focused on operational solutions for customers which encouraged him to solve Ankdeep’s handover issue as challange.

For solving his problem, we engaged our experiences of construction industry, where project management companies prepare a snag list at time of handover of project to the sponsor. We developed similar matrix for residential customers and though of inspecting flat on their behalf which eventually enables them with construction expertise. We built on-site Inspection List and Photographic Checklist for concluding it as a process.

Finally, the day came when we went to Ankdeep’s Flat for property inspection and came up with 70+ snag points. We took a full day to prepare inspection report which we mailed him on next day. As soon as we mailed, we felt nervously excited because we want to have a genuine feedback from him but POSITIVE. To our surprise, he instantly called back and informed that he has referred us to few of his other friends. We felt like getting a job, just after submission of CV to a company, without interview. Later in the day, we got another call, “Are you e-Ghar? Do you do inspection?” and since then we have introduced a new trend of handover.

Customers start sending mails for appreciation and feedbacks which encouraged us in return to develop following sections for catalyzing a perfect handover:

  • Photographic Checklist
  • Snag List
  • Letter to Builder
  • Security Suggestions
  • Procurement Table
  • Interior Add-ons

In last six months we have seen our monthly order going up, our major share of order inflow comes from word of mouth which made us feel confident that new trend of handover has been introduced and customers are getting value for money.

If you are also taking handover of your dream home, please don’t hesitate in having word with us at +91-9289224365 or visiting Above inspections contains Micro Level of Details of Handover and costs Rs. 4500 to Rs. 8000 depending upon the size of flat ranging from 2BHK to 4BHK. We are currently working on launching inspection services for three different levels viz Macro, Micro and Machine.

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