Leakage and Moisture – most common problem of group housing

Seepage is common problem of home which we have technically solved

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We have asked many residents which the most troubling problem, regarding construction, you face in your house. They commonly answered – Moisture aka Leakage

Problem are beyond visible Moisture/Leakages

The available references are strong enough that leakage not only affects the quality of home but relation between neighbours, security of overall structure, RWA-residents bonds, and expose to many unseen risks. Few of the reference are mentioned below:

In case someone is buying a resale flat, he should thoroughly check the flat with inspection. Special attention should be paid for moisture detection and its source for proper rectification. Though these problems can be catered after moving-in but it creates lot of problem once you start living in terms of visual appeal of flat and in terms of damage to the structure.


Design of Plumbing Cold Water & Waste Pipelines

Plumbing lines are of two types a) Cold & Hot Water Pipeline and b) Waste Water Pipeline. Leakage generally occurs from the joint of two pipes of any pipeline. In very rare cases, it is also puncture of straight pipeline. Cold & Hot Water Pipelines, generally hidden inside wall, are fitted by chiselling groove in walls. Waste Water Pipeline are passed through floors. In latest construction waste water pipeline remain exposed in below-level floor which is further decorated with false ceiling for beautification. Effects of moisture are clearly visible on structure with visual inspection but identification of source is real challenge.

Current Practice for Identification of Source

General solution of moisture is recommended by Plumber. The chances of identification of Source depend upon combination of a) experience of plumber and b) your luck. In case you are not lucky plumber keeps on doing test & trial and renovate the floor and wall tiles for identification of moisture. Actually, it is kind of total renovation of bathroom if someone tries to rectify the source of moisture.


Home Inspection – Solution to problem of Dampness, Moisture and Leakages

Home Inspectors are subject matters of house, they are kind of pathology lab for your home. The most important factor is to choose right inspector and the knowledge they possess regarding inspection.


e-Ghar, a leader of Home Inspection Industry in India, deals with such problem as case of dampness. We identify the source in four stages: a) Visual Identification, b) Machine level verification, c) In-Situ Pressure Testing, d) In-Situ Temperature Variant Tests.


People generally consider foamy paint layers as symbol of moisture and leakages but it may also because of Chlorination. Chlorination is a whitish layer which appears above paint and looks similar to the effects of moisture. Our Machine level verification indicates us the problem which we study at detailed level to identify the exact location of leakage/moisture.

100% Solution to Moisture Leakages

It shall be wrong to state it because in few cases exact source is not identified even by Home Inspector. But a satisfactory level of clarity is obtained in logical & scientific manner which helps in saving cost on un-necessary activities. In short Home Inspection for Moisture is investment for saving cost of repair and developing clarity and without identifying the problem treatment is always dangerous and costly. And if you are buying a resale flat, don’t judge it with your eye, in this advance world let machine do the work which human eyes cannot do.

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