Problems identified in our Homes with Inspection

Home Inspection is like Diagnose Laboratory of Homes

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Our concept of Home Inspection was formulated for identifying technical problems in a typical home from buyer’s perspective. Refer to the previously written article if you are interested about our foundation story.

Since then the concept of Home Inspection has advanced to latest technologies and solving much more problems of Home Buyers of New/Resale Property. Even we have audited various industrial projects for Fire Fighting, Electrical and Building Health.


Typical Problems

You shall be surprised to know that there are almost 100+ problems in a freshly constructed home which ranges from Minor Issues (like flaky paints) to Major Issues (broken fittings). Different component of Home Inspection solves different problem and fulfil requirement of resale and new property buyers

Construction Quality related Problems with Photographs

In typical construction process handover takes place when quality inspector prepares a snaglist/checklist/punchlist of issues and contractor addresses. In India, Builder skips this final step and leaves this stage at intelligence of customer for their various benefits. Home Inspector assists home buyers in preparation of final checklist which they can handover to the builder for addressing.

Exact Carpet Area Measure of Property

Actual Measurements are collected for the property and engineering techniques are applied for calculation of Actual Carpet Area of Property in Square Meter or Square Feet. The level of detail we engage takes care of width of walls in calculation of areas.

Moisture and Leakages Technical Detection

Dampness is one of the most common problems for Home Buyers but actual problem is identification of source of Dampness. With Pressurized Mechanism and Temperature variant study, transparency is developed for cause of dampness in home.

Probable Short Circuits

Electrical wires and fittings are major source of fire hazard. It is primarily due to heat generated at loose connections. Thermal Equipments helps in such visual study of heat generated junction which can be tightened up.

Fittings Procurement

One of the rarest pains for Home Buyer is to count fittings with their dimensions. Home Inspection of e-Ghar takes care of such issue only to share our intent. We intend to take care of all level of pains of Home Buyers.

General Safety and Security

Our team visits lot of houses and capable of suggesting common safety and security measures like lamination of glasses, grills on balcony, steel/ms door at main gates and many others as per the actual condition of property.

Contractual Verification of Deliverables

We verify the specifications of building components against the contractual liability of builder and submit it as part of our report


Communication of Problems in Home Inspection

In era of Smart generation home inspection services are improving using smart techniques for report capturing and generation. E-Ghar has also automated SMS and emails for updating you with progress of inspection and receipts. Access to photographs, invoices and online report is also given for better monitoring.


Home Inspection Industry is evolving towards environment where you have any time accessible list of problems which you submit to builders for rectification before move-in or during time of warranty period offered by builder. In some cases, where builder are not supportive critical issues are selected and addressed prior to moving in. Home inspector prepare checklist of individual component (flooring, painting, fitting, plumbing, door/windows, fixtures, wooden works etc) of home. When you move to new home, nothing can give you peace of mind than knowing your home better.

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