Ceiling is falling in newly delivered homes in Delhi-NCR

False Ceiling is Falling for new Flats in Delhi NCR

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Builders of India are facing lot of challenges on delivery of newly constructed flats. The major problem lies with time and quality of flat delivery. On one side Home Buyers are struggling for possession of their long purchased flat and on other side handed over flats are of abysmal quality. We have chosen false ceiling like item to analyse the problem and it is flooded with witnessing news about poor construction quality at the time of possession


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Workmanship and quality of material used in the construction is major reason but another reason is compromise on quality because of high quantum of flats to be constructed & delivered by builder.


In typical construction when contractor has completed the work, quality supervisors of builders visit the flat before handover and prepare a snaglist/punchlist/checklist of problem areas. This snaglist is handed over to the contractor for rectification and builder takes handover from contractor once snaglist is completely addressed.


Most Builders don’t prioritize the final check before handing over flats by Quality Supervisors. Such act has various short term benefits to them

  • it saves work of quality supervisor at their end and fasten things of possession
  • customer is actually not quality expert so he identifies lesser snags which need to be addressed
  • it saves from double work of quality addressing which they have to do with home buyer again.



The concept of group housing is new to India and process is streamlining every year.

  • Development of RERA is such example which currently focuses on timely delivery of flats in transparent manner. In other countries, there is additional concept of Home Inspector at time of delivery which prepare report regarding builder-buyer commitment. India is on the way.
  • For Quality Assurance standard process of construction should be followed during construction and at time of handover. If builder is not developing snaglist for your flat, ask Quality Expert in your network/family or Professional Home Inspection to do final check before taking handover.


Once you have snaglist you can ask builder to address all issues as builder typically gives warranty for initial period after handover. You can also address if there are any key issues at the time of handover. Having home inspected before possession saves you from hundered of later problem and reduce the risk of any later failure.

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