Flat Possession Checklist – a new trend for handover

Along with Antriksh, I joined Gomo at his office at Punjabi Bagh for a brainstorming session to bring value to customers of e-Ghar. The discussion started by stating the real life problems of household customers where we discussed about my brother Ankdeep Bhardwaj who took a flat in Sec-78, Mahagun Moderne. He stays in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and doesn’t know what things to be seen in his flat before taking handover. Antriksh has always focused on operational solutions for customers which encouraged him to solve Ankdeep’s handover issue as challange.

For solving his problem, we engaged our experiences of construction industry, where project management companies prepare a snag list at time of handover of project to the sponsor. We developed similar matrix for residential customers and though of inspecting flat on their behalf which eventually enables them with construction expertise. We built on-site Inspection List and Photographic Checklist for concluding it as a process.

Finally, the day came when we went to Ankdeep’s Flat for property inspection and came up with 70+ snag points. We took a full day to prepare inspection report which we mailed him on next day. As soon as we mailed, we felt nervously excited because we want to have a genuine feedback from him but POSITIVE. To our surprise, he instantly called back and informed that he has referred us to few of his other friends. We felt like getting a job, just after submission of CV to a company, without interview. Later in the day, we got another call, “Are you e-Ghar? Do you do inspection?” and since then we have introduced a new trend of handover.

Customers start sending mails for appreciation and feedbacks which encouraged us in return to develop following sections for catalyzing a perfect handover:

  • Photographic Checklist
  • Snag List
  • Letter to Builder
  • Security Suggestions
  • Procurement Table
  • Interior Add-ons

In last six months we have seen our monthly order going up, our major share of order inflow comes from word of mouth which made us feel confident that new trend of handover has been introduced and customers are getting value for money.

If you are also taking handover of your dream home, please don’t hesitate in having word with us at +91-9289224365 or visiting http://www.e-ghar.com. Above inspections contains Micro Level of Details of Handover and costs Rs. 4500 to Rs. 8000 depending upon the size of flat ranging from 2BHK to 4BHK. We are currently working on launching inspection services for three different levels viz Macro, Micro and Machine.

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6 thoughts on “Flat Possession Checklist – a new trend for handover

  1. Wonderful idea. My flat gets ready in 2017. U already have an advance customer. Do you have any possibility of checking the flat while in construction. As do not know ABCD of construction…

    1. Thanks Sir! We are expert into construction and don’t foresee any benefit of visiting under construction flat. During Construction Stage we can share about the approximate finish time (considering flat selling is not a constraint for builder), Quality of construction like bricks and plaster but it will not be of much use for you. Feel free to contact 9289224365 for more details and book query using http://m.e-ghar.com

  2. I want take a flat in mysore possision by this month it is total area 1800 sqft 3 bedroom how much will u charge for ur snag list

    1. We have following price ranges, as of April 2016, for snag list
      Macro (2500 – 4000)
      Micro (4500 – 8000)
      Machines (9000 – 16000)

      We recommend Micro Plan to our customers and sorry to inform that currently we are actively operational in Delhi/NCR.

      Though we have forwarded your details to operational team and they may contact you in this regard.

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