• Marble flooring is easily one of the most beautiful of all flooring options. Used in homes as well as public buildings and offices, the use of this type of stone floor provides a number of advantages in addition to the beauty (like the advantages provided by E-GHAR). Here are a few of the reasons why considering the installation of marble flooring may be ideal for your needs. While it is true that marble flooring can be very expensive to purchase and install, marble tile is extremely durable and will last for much longer than many other less expensive types of floor tile.
  • When the replacement cost associated with other flooring types is considered, the cost of installing and maintaining marble flooring quickly snaps into perspective. A good marble tile floor will easily last anywhere from two to five times longer than other flooring options (only after efficient marble polishing). Along with the durability, marble flooring comes in a number of options in colour and design. It is unusual for a flooring company to offer less than a half dozen different patterns, styles, and colour schemes for customers to consider. This broad range of colours and style options makes the use of marble floors practical for many different types of room designs.


  • Marble flooring will be of no use if there is no efficient marble polishing. Marble is like gold, it is of no use without efficient professionals who bring out the glow in work with their efforts. People want to show off their home and show that they have spent money on the marble, but it would not be effective unless they put a magic effect of marble polishing into it. The marble starts to getting dull after some time and needs to get polished. Marble polishers charge an excessive amount from the customers for marble polishing and take advantage of the monopoly. They use only the machine at 1 number pad or 2 number pad, but for making a marble glow pad used to be of minimum 3 number should be used to polish a marble effectively. People get their polishing done once, but due to regular usage it get scratches and it has to be polished again occasionally.


  • It is necessary in few things that people have to incur more expenses on managing a thing than buying it. Still, if a thing is done perfectly once, it can be postponed for a long time. That’s why E-GHAR comes up with best trained and experienced marble polishers who come to your service on just a miss call 98892-24365. So it’s time for you to decide and move on from old thinking and come on with E-GHAR to make your house sparkle in the front of persons you love.

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