Natural cooling in Summers


With Green House Effect, temperature of earth is rising year by year but still few of our small steps can bring effective cooling to our home without any expenditure over air conditioning. Here are some quick tips which brings down few degrees of temperature and makes home, a natural coolest place:-

  • Close the windows and the blinds as soon as the sun hits your house and you can open them in evening after drop down of external temperature because heat transfer becomes more direct and temperature rises.
  • Manage your appliances i.e turn off your lamps and computers when you are not using them because they emits heat.
  • Avoid using too much water during the hot hours of the day as the temperature of the water in the overhead tank rises and produces steam when let out which creates humidity in your house.
  • Use smooth white linen to cover your beds and upholstery so that they reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.
  • Paint your roof white because it is not a good absorbent instead it is a good emitter.

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