GOLD  JEWELLERY remained an attractive asset among females from a long time. Sometime, Its shine overshadows our budget and we end up buying beautiful ornaments of our life. In past gold has always remained an appreciating asset but its look can drastically depreciate if we carry it on daily basis. During daily chores, it can get dirty from oil in the skin, body lotions, perfumes and makeup. Beautiful Gold Ornaments can regain their shine with a few simple steps which removes dirt & oil:-

1) Primarily cleaning of gold ornament by any of following measures:


a) TOOTHPASTE CLEANING: Take a small amount  of toothpaste into a bowl and mix with one or two tablespoon of water to make a light paste. Opt for toothpaste that does not have a lot of abrasive qualities.


b) DISH WASHING DETERGENT: Add small amount of mild Dish-washing detergent to a small bowl filled with warm water (not hot or boiling water). Soak jewellery in the solution for 15 minutes.

baking soda

c) BAKING SODA: Make a paste of one part water and three parts of baking soda .

2) Gently scrub with soft bristle of toothbrush to clean your gold pieces.

3) Rinse each piece with water and dry the piece with soft cotton cloth.

Cleaning of Jewellery can regain its shine but it is always preferred to take care of following notes for better conditioning of our ornaments

  • Store gold jewellery away from other metal jewellery to avoid scratches.
  • Remove gold jewellery before bathing as the soap will dull the gold surface.
  • Remove gold jewellery before swimming  as chlorine will discolor the gold.


Using Electricity unnecessarily  may leads to massive electricity bills.So,Save electricity as well as money by applying following methods in your daily routine:money save

  • Use natural light instead of artificial light during the day.
  • Use light colour curtains that provides privacy but still allows light to come through.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs.CFL
  • Turn off lights when not in
  • Unplug appliances when they are not in use.
  • Replace your decorative lights that complement your garden by solar powered lights that charge during the day and cast a soft pleasant glow at night.
  • Replace your old appliances with energy saving models. Look for ENERGY STAR RATINGS on new appliances.
  • Reduce your dependency on appliances (USE ONLY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED)
  • Prefer using AC less frequency and try to find other ways to cool yourself down when possible. (Visit Natural Cooling in Summers)


You must clean your gadgets atleast twice a week because Gadgets are bound to get a little dirty from here and there. Following steps can be helpful in cleaning gadgets screen:

1. Turn off your devices before cleaning.


2. If possible then purchase screen cleaning kit or you can buy a screeen guard .

3. USE MICROFIBER CLOTH OR COTTON CLOTH:- Keep touch screen cleaning cloth in good,clean condition.

4.USE ALCOHOL GEL (HAND SANITIZER):-Squeeze little gel into the paper towel then wipe down the screen after that use a clean microfiber cloth to remove smudge670px-Clean-a-Touch-Screen-Step-9s.

Note: Touch screns are not as delicate as LCD’s screen so you can press touch screens a bit harder if you have a particular spot.


Natural cooling in Summers


With Green House Effect, temperature of earth is rising year by year but still few of our small steps can bring effective cooling to our home without any expenditure over air conditioning. Here are some quick tips which brings down few degrees of temperature and makes home, a natural coolest place:-

  • Close the windows and the blinds as soon as the sun hits your house and you can open them in evening after drop down of external temperature because heat transfer becomes more direct and temperature rises.
  • Manage your appliances i.e turn off your lamps and computers when you are not using them because they emits heat.
  • Avoid using too much water during the hot hours of the day as the temperature of the water in the overhead tank rises and produces steam when let out which creates humidity in your house.
  • Use smooth white linen to cover your beds and upholstery so that they reflect the heat instead of absorbing it.
  • Paint your roof white because it is not a good absorbent instead it is a good emitter.

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